As some of you have found I am emailing QSL Cards shortly after we make contact.”If your email address on QRZ is good.” Are you interested in having a QSL Card Emailer as well? Current progress on my code is still in the works for testing purposes.

Current Features include:

QRZ email lookup and QSL Card Emailing

Submits Contact to QRZ Log Book “With xml Subscription”

Stores contacts in local Access Database Table

Will read ADIF Files Generated by WSJT-X and Netlogger

Uploads Contacts to LOTW if TQSL is installed with default location and certificate installed.

Added Real Time Logger Updates for WSJT-X, once you click log call, the contact is uploaded to QRZ, LOTW, Clublog and EQSL.

ADIF Export of all combined contacts ran through Beta_Logger
If your interested in using my QSL Card Emailer System send me an email to